Excited for spring’s sunshine, but don’t know what sipper to have with you on your front porch? Look no further. Perry is the perfect springtime bevvy; they add a light and refreshing sip to your day. Made exclusively from pear (like cider is of apples), traditional perry is made with unique pear cultivars (rumored to be a combo of a domestic perry and a wild one) and has been crafted for many centuries in parts of Europe (think France and the U.K.). This alcoholic pear take on a cider mentality is a real special treat for anyone who loves to unwind outside in the springtime, pair a drink with fish or salad or enjoy a delicate drink that showcase the fruits of Northwest labor.

Finnriver Farm & Cidery Perry | | Chimacum, WA
Finnriver Farm & Cidery is one of the most multifaceted busineses within the  cider industry. The Chimacum, Washington location in addition to operating an artisan cidery, operates an orchard, a 33-acre organic farm and a tasting room, with a new Cider Garden opening Memorial Day Weekend. One of the most exciting finds at Finnriver is their perry—made from English Hendre Huffcap pears and exhibits floral and citrus notes with a mild sweetness.

Bull Run Cider Creekside Cranberry Perry | | Forest Grove, OR
It’s not everyday you find a cidery that boasts a perry as one of their flagship ciders. Bull Run Cider in Forest Grove, Oregon, breaks the mold and proudly brandishes the Creekside Cranberry perry as one of the mainstays in their cider arsenal. Organic pears and a hint of cranberry come together to create a harmonious balance of sweet and tart.

Seacider Farm & Cider House Limited Release Perry | | Saanichton, BC
The perfect pear for the perfect meal. Sorry, it is just so easy to make puns with perries! But, if we are being proper the sentence should read; the perfect perry for the perfect meal. This limited addition release from Seacider goes well with about almost everything. Salmon, samosas, pasta, shellfish, you name it; all provide an excellent companion to this delightfully dry treat.

Nashi Orchards Asian Pear Perry | | Vashon, WA
At Nashi, they happened upon an already-planted orchard of Asian pears, leading them to continue cultivating, picking and pressing these pears into a one-of-a-kind perry. Because of the distinctive difference in taste of this perry when compared to original blends, Nashi can be looked at as an innovator within the industry. Currently, their product is only available in few locations in Washington State.

Neigel Vintner’s Perries | | Wenatchee, WA
Neigel Vintner’s story is just as good as their perry. The Neigel brothers were able to start their orchard due to the hard work of their grandfather Sylvester Neigel. Sylvester, a WWII vet, returned from Europe and then planted an orchard in East Wenatchee. Eventually it evolved into the business the brothers operate today. Flavors range from Ginger Pear to the Hoppin’ Pear perry. The Hoppin’ Pear is just as it sounds, a hopped perry that hopes to please both the beer and cider enthusiast.