⁠Imperial Peach Tea⁠

Portland Cider Co. –  Clackamas, OR⁠

Brassy colored with sparkling carbonation, this imperial seasonal is the first in a new series from Portland Cider. Culinary apples, a suggestion of earthy tea, and the sweet scent of honey stand out in the fragrant, floral aroma, while the taste combines bright, somewhat sharp notes of apple with malty, tannic tea notes and a peachy tone that sustains well into the finish. Walking the line between sweet and dry, Imperial Peach Tea hides its higher ABV behind bold flavors, packing a pleasing punch into a 12-ounce package. ⁠

Price: $14.60/6-pack | 9.5% ABV⁠

Review by Cidercraft Contributor Ben Keene, @where_and_back⁠