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5 Stops for the 21st Century Coffee Drinker

by | Apr 16, 2019

A simple cup of joe just won’t cut it anymore. Going out for coffee has become a highly sought-after experience. Coffee is no longer just about waking you up in the morning: It’s an excuse to see friends, get pumped for a hike, hit a million followers on Instagram, a tasty treat or the only thing helping you get to work in the morning. One thing is for sure: coffee is changing and, with it, so are its consumers. Here are five coffee shops that might just meet one of demanding needs of today’s coffee drinker.

For the antique shopper: Aubade Coffee

Want a different coffee shop experience? Why not hunt for treasure while you sip something? Aubade Coffee in Vancouver, British Columbia, shares a space with the Space Lab Antique Shop. Though the shop is exactly what you would imagine, the coffee shop is small but open. Find your way sifting through antiques and sipping your artisan coffee, the space offers tea and pastries located inside the collection of trinkets and treasures. If the shop has you feeling nostalgic, go and check out the world’s first steam-powered clock, a popular tourist destination located less than a mile away.

For the latte art aficionado: Moore Coffee Shop

A family-owned coffee shop with two locations in downtown Seattle next to its sibling theater, and the other one in nearby Burien, the Moore Coffee Shop is known for their latte art. From bears to elephants, each latte design is unique and cute, ideal footage for Instagram. Moore offers a warm and welcoming environment that makes you want feel like you just stepped into Europe with its small but busy shop that is worth the wait.

For the earth-lover: Wandering Goat

Locally owned coffee roaster and shop, this must-do stop in Eugene, Oregon, prides itself on being organic and sustainable. The hippy, welcoming Wandering Goat attracts eccentric walks of life with its accepting vibes, punk rock playing on the speakers and local art on the walls. Located half a mile away from Skinner’s Butte, a popular mountain trail, coffee drinkers can drink ethically while the caffeine provides enough energy to climb to the top and experience the scenic city view. Fuel yourself further with world-famous vegan biscuits and gravy for just $5.

For the minimalist: Peaks Coffee PDX

Prepare to slip into an experience of modern-day minimalism at Peaks Coffee, just two miles away from the heart of Portland. Unlike other coffee shops overcrowded with art, Peaks Coffee has an open environment complimented by plants and beautiful lighting for you to take in your environs. Sit down with a yummy coffee for that perfect Instagram picture. Peaks Coffee offers a wide variety of nut milk alternatives are available for dairy-free friends.

For the brunch crew: Alias Coffee Shop

A large coffee house with twinkling lights, Alias in Boise, Idaho, makes for a perfect locale for brunching with friends. Sweet pastries complement the calm interior. Locals enjoy the espresso bar and sitting outside on the patio. Don’t forget to grab a bite of food made from scratch and with love. Only blocks away from the Idaho state capitol building.

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