NW Spirits Show brings in the best bartenders and distillers, while the Bite of Bend feeds the crowds.

Something’s always brewing in Bend, but this month there’s extra boozy fun to be found in the central Oregon beertown. Below find three of Bend’s best recipes for a good time.

Bite of Bend” Smash

14 bands
11 years running
8 days of “Bite Week
8 contestants, Central Oregon Top Chef
1 Bite of Bend Beer Run, to garnish

Begin with six days of farm-to-fork classes, beer and cocktail dinners, “food for thought” demonstrations and chances to meet local epicurean celebs. Add two weekend days of official Bite of Bend celebrations. Stir in 14 local live bands and (2013’s new ingredient) one locavore pavilion showcasing the bounty of surrounding Oregon. For participants 21+, garnish with an optional beer-themed 5K. Best served annually, with free admission. || Yield: One fine festival weekend.

Northwest Spirits & Mixology Show” Sidecar

150 spirits
50 distilleries
10 dollars a ticket
2 days

Shake them all up together with workshops, parties and plenty of ice. Strain into tasting glasses. This concoction is designed to feature the latest and greatest in craft cocktail: cutting-edge mixological techniques, state-of-the-art spirits and fresh local ingredients—not to mention the talented people who work with them. Best enjoyed with friends. || Yield: central Oregon’s premier cocktail exhibition.

Bartender’s Brawl” Highball

5-ingredient limit
4 finalists
2 hours
1 thousand-dollar cash prize

Begin with 2013 finalists Conor Mansager (The Woodsman Tavern, Portland), Joshua Batway (Skillet Diner, Seattle), Bryson Ryan (Baume & Brix, Chicago), Jake Bliven (The Barn Light, Eugene) and Kenny B (The Astro Lounge, Bend). Each bartender mixes his or her original recipe contribution for the competition, themed “More Simple Cocktails 2013.” Elixirs should be shaken or stirred with precision and presented in three identical cocktail glasses to judges Hoke Harden, Byron Beck and Jabriel Donohue. Finish with the awarding of one $1,000 cash prize. || Yield: the most exciting two hours at Bite of Bend.

Bite of Bend and Northwest Spirits & Mixology Show: June 29—30 || 11am-9pm Saturday, 11am-7pm Sunday || Bite of Bend: free admission. Northwest Spirits Show tickets: $10 online/at door.

Bartender’s Brawl: June 29 || 4-6pm.