Gnostalgic Spirits Distillery Marteau Belle Epoque Extrait d’Absinthe

by | Jan 29, 2016

In general, it’s incredibly hard to get absinthe right, thanks to the spirit’s rocky history, complex flavor profile and long list of specialty ingredients. That’s why this particular Seattle-born liquor—which won gold in our Best of the Northwest 2015 after already having garnered an honorable mention in 2014—is such a pleasure to sip.

With a historian’s expertise, 19th century implements and a true absinthe enthusiast’s verve, Gnostalgic Spirits’ Gwydion Stone (who founded the Wormwood Society way back in 2004, three years before absinthe was re-legalized in the U.S.) crafts his elegant Marteau Belle Epoque Extrait d’Absinthe with a traditional botanical bill including grand wormwood, fennel and green anise. Coupled with a carefully selected mix of supporting flora, they yield a spirit with captivating aromatics and layer upon layer of intricately interlaced flavor. Add ice water a little at a time as you enjoy the distillate, which allows its flavors to open up… all the better to be savored.

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