The social media world is often unsettling and overwhelming. Sometimes, all you want to do is use something like socialfollow to build your instagram presence, but there’s so much useless stuff on social media that it can be hard to do something meaningful. You keep meaning to unfollow that uber-political guy from high school on Facebook, your Insta feed is plush with delicious baked goods you can’t eat immediately and the news on Twitter sometimes brings you to tears. Focus in on something good instead — like beer. Give these four beer social influencers a follow and figure out what you should be drinking this weekend.

Brandon Fralic and Rachel Wood

Instagram/Twitter: @beersatb
|| Bellingham, WA
Inspired by the post-hike beer, Brandon Fralic and Rachel Wood have been chronicling their PNW hikes — from the easily accessible out-and-back to the epic, paired with nearby breweries — since 2013 as the handle Beers at the Bottom. Gorgeous photos of local hikes mingle with beers in the wild and post-hike pub shots on this Bellingham-based couple’s Insta while their Twitter feed gives hiking and drinking suggestions from around the region. Check out their new book, “Beer Hiking Pacific Northwest.”

Kimberly Johnson

Instagram/Twitter: @ABVgirl
|| Vancouver, WA
Sharing her beer-centric adventures from sipping in a kayak to pub-crawling with friends around the Northwest and sometimes beyond, when the southern Washington-based Kimberly Johnson isn’t on the go sharing her adventures, brews and views (ABV, get it?), you’ll find her at Vancouver’s Final Draft Taphouse, which she co-owns. Johnson mixes drool-worthy beer finds with beer news on Twitter and inspiration to get out and live boldly on Instagram.

Aaron Johnson

Instagram: @cascadianbeerpodcast
Twitter: @cascadianbeer
|| Vancouver, BC
The Cascadian Beer Podcast Instafeed pairs great Cascadian beer recs with “on-set” photos from the podcast, which shares the stories of craft breweries in the Pacific Northwest. Aaron Johnson is the mastermind behind the inspiring beer stories. He doesn’t claim to be an expert, just a passionate beer drinker with an interest in the stories behind the brews. His Twitter feed dishes the latest hot tips on where to find good beers.

Jeff Alworth

Instagram: @jeff.alworth
Twitter: @beervana
|| Portland
Award-winning writer of all things beer, cider and occasionally politics, Alworth writes the Beervana blog and co-hosts the podcast of the same name with Oregon State University economics professor Patrick Emerson. He’s also the author of “The Beer Bible” and his latest, “The Secrets of Master Brewers.” On-point brew reviews mix with his beer travels on his Insta account, while he geeks out on all things beer on his Twitter feed and podcast.

This article originally ran in the print fall/winter issue of Sip Northwest magazine. For the full story and more like it, click here.