Ste. Michelle Wine Estates today announced the launch of Drumheller wines sourced from Washington’s Columbia Valley. The Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay are available nationally to the on-premise channel starting March 2016.

The vineyards for Drumheller wines are located near Othello, Washington at the edge of the Drumheller Channels in the Columbia Valley. Due to the area’s flood deposits of quick-draining soil, the vines for Drumheller are forced to reach deep and grow strong. The Columbia Valley region’s warm days, scant rain and cool evenings concentrate sugars and cause striking aroma and flavors to develop. The resulting wines are of impressive balance and character and unlike their powerful cousins from the center of the valley; Drumheller wines are more delicate and reserved.

“Drumheller wines are a more restrained, yet elegant version of Washington’s expressive fruit,” said Tim Jones, winemaker for Drumheller. “We lean on Washington’s beautiful natural acidity and early picking to create wines that will show very delicate flavors, a pretty aromatic profile and fresh texture.”

Respecting the integrity of the fruit is paramount for Jones who used lightly toasted oak barrels to age the wine, a small portion of which were new oak, so as not to mask the beautiful aromatics created during fermentation. The wines were fermented on the skins for about a week, to extract optimum fruit and structural components.

“A shorter time in oak allows us to capture and bottle some of the natural beauty of the place where the grapes are grown,” said Jones. “As a winemaker and wine drinker, I really like wines that have a distinctive sense of place. Drumheller wines reflect the land where it’s grown and not winemaker intervention.”

About the Name:

The name Drumheller was inspired by the Drumheller Channels located near the vineyards. These channels were created thousands of years ago when massive floods washed over eastern Washington and swept vast volumes of sandy, loamy soil into the Columbia Valley. Today, the beauty of the Drumheller Channels has achieved National Natural Landmark status.

The Wines:

  • The Drumheller Cabernet Sauvignon has a bright floral nose that leads to flavors of cola and red cherries with a delicate texture leading to an intense yet silky finish.
  • The Drumheller Merlot opens with aromas of blueberry, subtle spice and rose petals with hints of cocoa. Balanced in style, this wine is structured yet lively.
  • The Drumheller Chardonnay has notes of green mango, melon and white flowers which are complemented by smoky mineral notes on the palate, leading to a refreshing finish.

About the Packaging:

  • A series of dramatic, towering rock formations bordering the famed Drumheller Channels in eastern Washington inspired the icon and the background illustration on the label.
  • Copper foil was used to mimic the color of the rocks, while also allowing the label to stand out.
  • The “H” in the brand name mirrors the linear shape of the rock formations and hints at movement, or growth, of the rocks.

The Drumheller collection is available nationwide to the on-premise channel. To learn more, visit

 About Drumheller Wines

Drumheller is a set of dramatically distinct wines with impressive balance and character. The wines are inspired by the Drumheller Channels that were created thousands of years ago during massive floods that washed over eastern Washington. Sourced from the Columbia Valley appellation, the portfolio includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay. For more information visit,