Purchase of coveted property in Yamhill-Carlton AVA solidifies long-term vision for McCollum Heritage 91 and beyond, amplifying the goal of making world-class wines

CARLTON, Ore. (Sept. 14, 2021) – Together with his wife, Elise, professional athlete and longtime wine connoisseur CJ McCollum has made a strategic move in the Willamette Valley, acquiring a 318-acre vineyard property in the Yamihill-Carlton AVA. The site, which borders Resonance Vineyard, contains multiple micro-climates, a five-acre reservoir, several irrigation ponds, a rock quarry and a nursery operation.

“It’s been just over a year since we announced the McCollum Heritage 91 label, but for far longer Elise and I have had the privilege of exploring various vineyard sites throughout the Willamette Valley,” said McCollum. “As we explored the long-term vision of McCollum Heritage 91 and beyond, we truly craved enhancing our sense of place, which is represented by the acquisition of this beautiful property.”

The McCollums plan to begin laying out the vineyard in 2022, working with Willamette Valley vineyard experts to plant the best clones to match the land’s profile. While they will announce additional plans for the property and programming at a later date, the land acquisition solidifies the McCollums’ long-term vision, amplifying the overarching goal of creating an exceptional vineyard that produces world-class wines.

“When you hear that innovative, giving, talented and creative people like CJ and Elise make a commitment to the Willamette Valley, it just further affirms the region’s reputation for quality,” said Morgen McLaughlin, executive director of the WIllamette Valley Wineries Association. “CJ has been a wonderful ambassador for Oregon, through basketball, his local philanthropic efforts and now his interest in making top quality wines from the Willamette Valley.”

While the McCollums prepare the vineyard site for grape production, McCollum Heritage 91 wines will continue to be produced at Adelsheim Vineyard, which has served as a trusted partner since the brand’s inception.

The McCollum Heritage 91 wine brand launched in June of 2020, followed by the release of its first wine – a 2018 Chehalem Mountains Pinot noir – that September. In spring of 2021, McCollum Heritage 91 introduced a 2020 Willamette Valley Rosé, as well as a 2019 Chardonnay, the latter under the One Barrel Challenge label, with proceeds benefiting the Maurice Lucas Foundation in support of diversifying the wine industry. This past August, McCollum Heritage 91 announced its fourth wine, a 2019 Chehalem Mountains Pinot noir, which will be available for sale starting Sept. 27.

“Oregon’s ascendance on the world’s wine stage reflects the industry’s reputation for distinctive sites, long-term commitments to exceptional quality and a legacy of entrepreneurial cooperation,” said Tom Danowski, executive director of the Oregon Wine Board. “All of those attributes are woven into the decision by CJ and Elise McCollum to transfer ownership of this extraordinary Yamhill-Carlton farm from one family of stewards to the next.”

About CJ McCollum

Having been introduced to wine in his early 20s by his now wife, Elise, CJ McCollum’s fortuitous move to one of the top wine regions in the U.S. led him to take his existing passion for – and knowledge of – wine to new heights. As reflected through his work both on-and-off the basketball court, leaving a legacy is greatly important to McCollum, and the introduction of McCollum Heritage 91 in 2020 reflects bringing the McCollum’s passions to life. For more information, please visit: https://www.mccollumheritage91.com/.