Dru Bru, Snoqualmie Pass WA 

Whether you call it fall, autumn, harvest time, or lager season, this is a beer well suited for crisp afternoons and your favorite zip up hoodie. Bright gold in color with admirable clarity, Dru Bru’s German-style Festbier is clean and doughy on the nose, with a hint of sweetness and a faintly herbal, grassy undertone. Think freshly risen bread with a light dusting of thyme. Medium bodied and soft on the palate with a nip of herbal, ever-so-slightly spicy hops, the flavor brings to mind gently toasted breadsticks. The bitterness ramps up somewhat in the finish, lingering after the swallow, but overall this is a semi-dry, drinkable beer designed for enjoyment, preferably in the company of others. 

Price: $11 /6-pack | 5.6% ABV

Review by Sip Contributor Ben Keene, @where_and_back