Open Country Pale Ale
Varietal Beer Co., Sunnyside WA

Straw colored in the glass with striking clarity, Varietal’s dry-hopped pale ale throws off a lemony fragrance, woody aromatics like pine and spruce, a fresh grassy note, and a trace of spicy pineapple. Lighter bodied with crackery malt character, it’s an easy-drinking beer that delivers a dose of bitterness with its fruity hop profile. Green mango, papaya, lime, and resin come through clearly in the flavor, and the latter two hang around into the semi-dry finish. You might be surprised by how quickly you’ll want to crack open a second can of this one. 
Price: $18 | 16oz 4-pack  | 5.2% ABV

Review by Sip Contributor Ben Keene, @where_and_back