Kitten Mittens
Kulshan Brewing Company, Bellingham WA

How do you keep extremities warm when December’s chill creeps in? Well, mittens are useful. But beer helps, too. Deep brown, bordering on black in color, Kittens Mittens is a warming winter ale that produces aromas of semi-sweet chocolate chips, plump raisins, date and walnut cake, dark roasted malt, and an underlying earthy note along with a wisp of phenolic clove. Lush and rich on the palate with some brown sugar sweetness, this seasonal beer combines the flavors of chocolate babka, heavily toasted bread, and medium roast coffee. Balancing bitterness emerges late in the sip, and carries into the semi-dry finish, which brings the chocolate character full circle. Pair with your favorite ugly holiday sweater. 

Price: $10 /6-pack | 8.0% ABV

Review by Sip Contributor Ben Keene, @where_and_back