Punchline Petit Sirah Wild Ale 
Dwinell County Ales, Goldendale, WA

With a striking magenta color and the slight haze you’d expect from a wheat beer, Punchline is a drink that will turn heads. A little racy acidity greets the nose first, bringing with it fruity notes of vinous grape, tangy wild blueberry, and tart Montmorency cherry. Interestingly, the aroma bears some resemblance to the Flanders Red of Belgium. In the flavor, tart cherry and red plum notes mingle appealingly with sweeter blackberry and blueberry, buoyed by an oaky depth that brings some tannic bitterness in tow. If you’re tentative about trying a Wild Ale, note that the initial prickle of acidity steers into fruit quite quickly, and the clean, semi-dry finish adds up to an elegant, thoroughly original, (and sadly limited) release from Dwinell. 

Price: $18 /500 ml bottle | 5.8% ABV

Review by Sip Contributor Ben Keene, @where_and_back