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Exploring Coastal Distilleries

by | Feb 21, 2023

Next time you’re traveling along the Pacific Coast via U.S. Highway 101, consider savoring the local spirits along way. From Long Beach, Washington, to Bandon, Oregon, one can experience a range of award-winning spirits including agave spirits, aquavit, gin, rum, vodka, whiskey and specialty liqueurs.

Photos Courtesy Adrift Distillers

Adrift Distillers | Long Beach, Washington

Adrift Distillers was created in 2017 to offer a unique and engaging experience for guests of the seven Adrift Hospitality hotel properties along the coast of Washington and Oregon. 

Adrift produces a variety of spirits ranging from vodka to whiskey, as well as popular liqueurs like Starvation Alley Cranberry Liqueur and Columbia River Coffee Liqueur. When possible, they use locally sourced ingredients to highlight the best of the region. Through their Collaborative Spirits Series, they work with local purveyors, farmers, roasters and brewers to create products that connect the community. 

Photo Courtesy Pilot House Distilling

Pilot House Distilling | Astoria, Oregon

Since its opening in 2013, Pilot House Distilling continues to produce award-winning spirits in downtown Astoria. If the maritime spirit wasn’t already evident, consider the A-O Come Hell or High Water Single Malt Whisky. This whisky is aged in-house, and then placed on local fishing vessels to agitate at sea.  Pilot House also offers an American-style gin, Painted Lady Gin, as well as five vodkas. Other spirits include Diablo Azul agave spirits, Columbia absinthe and canned cocktails. 

In addition to the Astoria distillery, they have a tasting room along the Pacific Coast at Cannon Beach, as well as  on Portland’s bustling North Mississippi Avenue. Tasting flights and mini cocktails are available in all three locations.

Rogue Spirits Distillery | Newport, Oregon

Rogue has been crafting award-winning spirits since 2003 at their home in Newport on the Oregon Coast. Their spirits are crafted from quality ingredients that are distinctly Pacific Northwest. 

Currently, Rogue produces two gins: Farmhouse Gin and Pinot Farmhouse Gin; as well as a variety of whiskeys, including three Dead Guy Whiskeys — their flagship. As one of the few organizations that make their own barrels, they have an added level of control in the distilling process that produces unique flavor profiles.

Photos Courtesy Stillwagon Distillery

Stillwagon Distillery | Charleston, Oregon

Since founding Stillwagon Distillery in 2012, owner and chief distiller Richard Stillwagon has been distilling spirits that are almost 100% sustainable. Currently, he produces Oregon’s largest variety of rum —  20 and counting. Stillwater’s most popular rums are non-traditional flavors made with infusions of actual fruits and spices. Additional spirits include whiskey, vodka, gin, brandy and a fermented garlic vodka.

Currently, they have tasting rooms at their distillery, as well as in Bandon and Florence, Oregon. Soon, Stillwagon will be moving the distillery to Reedsport, Oregon, where they will open a new tasting room.


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