It’s been awhile since we explored your favorite breweries’ and distilleries’ favorite coffee shops, but wineries of course had to have their turn. As is true of any profession where cognizance of flavor and aroma is important, that knowledge carries directly over to appreciation of great coffees based on similarities in how we understand flavor profile, balance and terroir. Ergo, we have great faith in any wine connoisseur’s recommendations of local roasters and cafés! Here are some of your favorite Northwest wine professionals’ favorites!

Pend d’Oreille Winery: Says Steve Meyer, president and irector of winemaking at Pend d’Oreille, “I am a fan of our local roaster, Evans Brothers. Randy and Rick Evans restrain their single source coffee roasts by following a lighter roast approach. It reminds of a winemaking style that favors varietal finesse over power and generic flavors that come with over-ripe fruit.” || Sandpoint, ID

Zero One Vintners: “I think our favorite coffee shop is Victor’s Coffee Company,” say Thomas Vogele of Zero One. “Our offices are a block or so away, and the people and the character of the shop are really unique and personal. The coffee is always the best quality and it ends up being where we get some of our most important work meetings done!” || Kirkland, WA

Cinder Wines: Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters is a great Garden City business that has been a local favorite for ages,” Melanie Krause, co-owner and winemaker at Cinder Wines, says. “They focus on the neighborhood feel, and we are grateful to have them as neighbors!” || Garden City, ID

Vancouver Urban Winery: “I do love coffee. I’ve often thought it could be a second career,” explains Kelly Symonds-Mean, winemaker at Vancouver Urban Winery in the city’s Railtown District. “My favorite spot is Caffè Artigiano—the flavors in their coffee seem to suit my palate the best. I like the roasted and toasty notes on the nose followed by a smooth, bold and slightly earthy finish on the palate. Their baristas always add their own unique flare and personality through cool designs on their lattes.” || Vancouver

O & S Winery: “We like Two Tartes in Georgetown,” says O & S’s office manager Victoria Odden of the winery’s nearby café. “Half sandwich and a cookie make a quick lunch and the pastries are sinful.” || Seattle, WA

Argyle Winery: “We absolutely love Caravan Coffee,” says Tim Thielen, tasting room manager at Argyle Winery. “They are based in Newberg, Oregon and have a huge selection for a small roaster. We love their Saharan Silk and the Black Thunder coffees. Both are always in stock, but they also carry a wide range of rare single farm coffees that their owner Pete Miller actually travels worldwide to seek out. The Saharan Silk is a coffee that keeps us going throughout the day and the Black Thunder wakes us up in the morning!” || Dundee, OR