A sunny Mexican beach is enough to make you salivate on even a normal day. As the pandemic unfolds, we thirst for travel and escape even more. 

Sadly, the hop-on-a-plane-and-go sort-of getting around doesn’t really exist right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and imagine you’re spread out on some warm sand with a cold drink in hand. In fact, we suggest using the latter to get you to said destination, mentally anyway.

Over the last several years, the Mexican-style lager has reemerged as a go-to within the crowded craft beer realm. Sure, a Pacifico or Corona gets the job done, but here are a few we especially like, made right here in the Northwest — but will catapult you and your favorite swim trunks straight to Baja.

While not all of these breweries are shipping, they do all offer pick-up options and distribution to build your own six-pack.

pFriem Family Brewers

A fine example from the folks in Hood River, Oregon, at pFriem Family Brewers, this beer is crisp and thirst-quenching. It’s made with flaked maze and has a nice underlying current of citrus. At 4.4% ABV you can be liberal with your drinking and not have to worry as much about the aftermath. A summer release, this is your “save purchase for later” reminder.

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Ex Novo Brewing

Cheekily named The Most Interesting Lager in the World (a reference to the old Dos XX beer campaign), this refreshing beer from Portland drinks a bit like a pilsner. Which is no surprise, given that it’s made with Saaz hops and Pilsner and Vienna malts. There’s a slight hit of bitterness, just to round out the mild sweetness of the malts. In short, it’s quite crushable.

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Highlander Beer

The oldest breweries in Missoula, Montana, is also one of the best. Highlander’s take on the Mexican lager, Montañesa, is delicious and built for fish tacos or nachos. It’s light and focused, with a zap of lime-y citrus. If you didn’t have a Saturday afternoon or lawn-mowing beer before, you do now.

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Chuckanut Brewing

This golden riff from Washington’s Chuckanut is made from Skagit Valley malted wheat and functions like sun rays in a pint glass. There’s a note of baked bread and a great overall balance to this beer. It’s the perfect counter-punch to spicy fare, great with a little soda as a radler but just as good on its own.

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Reuben’s Brews

Beloved Seattle brewery Reuben’s makes an intensely drinkable Mexican lager. Part of the producer’s small-batch series, it’s simple but satisfying, walking lightly on the palate with notes of sweetgrass. As the brewery suggests, try it with a little salt and lime. 

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Kulshan Brewing

Bellingham’s Kulshan makes an extremely pleasant Mexican lager, with a pretty gust of floral elements that all-Washington beer. It’s a pretty, straw-colored number made with 2-Row, Vienna and Carafoam malts, along with some flaked corn. It’s your trusty beer for the long day of late spring and summer.

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