Bend, Oregon, has long been dubbed the state’s Beer Mecca, Beer Town USA and Beervana. According to the Oregon Brewers Guild’s 2018 stats, there are 281 breweries in operation by 228 companies in 79 cities across Oregon. Twenty four of those are in Bend alone.

The small mountain town of roughly 94,000 people is proud of its closely clustered, world-renowned breweries, launching the Bend Ale Trail in 2010. As the first ale trail in the west and second in the nation — now the largest on the West Coast — the Bend Ale Trail started with just six breweries and now counts 15 of the 24 in its trail passport. (Click here for more on that.)

Since tourism is on hold for the moment, and we’re all making the best of being at home, you can now take a virtual trip on the Bend Ale Trail. With this Sip-curated Survival Six-Pack of Bend-made beers from six of the seven pioneering Ale Trail breweries, you will get a taste of Bend suds from the safety and comfort of your home.

While not all of these breweries are shipping, they do all offer pick-up options and distribution to build your own six-pack.

Deschutes Brewery Fresh Haze IPA

Bend’s first brewery, Deschutes opened in 1988 and is now the 11th largest brewery in the country (top producing by beer sales volume, according to the Brewers Association.), with six different locations across Oregon. A relatively new beer for Deschutes, the Fresh Haze is as advertised: a little hazy, a lot juicy and happily hoppy. Pairs quite nicely with Oregon-made Kettle Chips Jalapeño chips.

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Bend Brewing Co. Razztafari Sour Ale

Best known for its locals’ night on Tuesdays, Bend Brewing Co. is also the city’s second-oldest brewery. The Razztafari is based on the brewery’s award-winning Berliner weisse, then it is laced with Oregon-grown raspberry puree and lemongrass. Sold in 16-ounce cans and crowlers/growlers to go, this approachable sour will go down like raspberry lemonade at an easy 5% ABV.

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Silver Moon Brewing Moonlight Pilsner

Silver Moon celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, continuing to launch new beers and series to keep it young and relevant. Outside of its F* Cancer IPA that raises money for cancer research and its live music at the brewpub, the brewery is also getting buzz for its Lunar Series, a collection of beers focused on the ingredients involved. The Moonlight Czech-style pils is brewed with European pilsner malts and Noble hops to respectfully and refreshingly represent the slightly sweet, toasted biscuit and bready beer style.

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GoodLife Brewing Co. Sweet As! Pacific Ale

Sweet As! is the flagship beer for Bend’s seventh brewery, proudly brewed on a 30-barrel, four-vessel brew system built in state, and is the team’s ode to Oregon. GoodLife was one of the first to roll out a Pacific ale on this coast, after the style was introduced in Australia. Though not a recognized beer style, the Pacific ale is mild yet complex and purely crushable. Built upon wheat, Sweet As! respectfully uses hops from Down Under, resulting in a tropical and refreshing beer.

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Boneyard Beer Incredible Pulp Blood Orange Extra Pale Ale

Get excited — this lauded, long-draft-only brewery is now (begrudgingly and limitedly) canning in response to the pandemic, available statewide by week’s end! Silver linings! One of five in Boneyard’s “starting lineup,” the Incredible Pulp is an extra pale ale — again, not an official beer style but thought to be a hoppier version of a pale, yet not quite full-on IPA — that features pilsner malts and goes through secondary fermentation with blood orange puree. Very orange-juicy but balanced with a bit of bitter and maltiness, the Incredible Pulp smashes.

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Cascade Lakes Brewing Co. OG Kush Hoppy Pale Ale

Cascade Lakes is a self-described “original gangster” of the Northwest brewing scene. The Central Oregon brewery first kicked off production with a 10-barrel system in Redmond in 1994 and now creates suds off a 25-barrel brewhouse with a second location in Bend as well. OG Kush — a nod to that original gangster status in addition to a strain of marijuana with the same name — is heavy on the hops, featuring Citra, Centennial and Cascade, with all the bitter citrus and danky green notes you’d expect from a beer of this name.

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