Let’s face it, the snacking has been real since we’ve been stuck at home. Whether your employment situation has changed, you’re new to working from home, your kids are navigating their way through class via Zoom or any other combination of changes that COVID-19 has thrown your way, life has been a little challenging.

Sometimes when we find ourselves in difficult positions, the best thing to do is just take some time for a great snack and a cold beer. But after a while, the traditional suds and chips or brews and pretzels pairings can get a little old, and that’s why we’re here. If you’re on the hunt for the best beer pairings for your stuck-at-home snacks — and supporting your local breweries along the way — we’ve got you covered.

White Cheddar Popcorn + Cream Ale

American cream ales are pale, golden and have a very low presence of hops. It’s an incredibly light, crushable style that’s perfect for a hot day. But when we say light, it doesn’t have to mean watery. Cream ales are still packed with flavor and offer up a lush body to play well with soft, creamy foods. Paired with a snack like white cheddar popcorn, a cream ale perfectly complements the soft cheese flavors, as well as the creamy texture that comes from the flavoring on the popcorn.

Try Pelican Brewing Co. Kiwanda Cream Ale

Gummy Worms + Hazy IPA

Okay, hear us out. We know you may not be eating sour gummy worms by the fistful while stuck at home, if only for the reason to avoid a terrible stomach ache. However, a little candy to curb a craving doesn’t hurt, and these sour candies go shockingly well with a hazy IPA. Hazies have a soft, luscious mouthfeel that cuts through the striking power of the sour sanding on the worms. Plus, both are backed with fruity aromas and flavor profiles, providing the ultimate pairing for the fruity flavor lover looking for something different.

Try pFriem Family Brewers Hazy IPA

Banana Bread + Kölsch

If you haven’t baked banana bread in the last few weeks, have you even been in quarantine? Banana bread is definitely trending, and everyone has been taking the time to use up their over-ripened bananas in the most delicious way. And while we wouldn’t normally be eating this much banana bread, it’s the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax and pair it with a beer. A kölsch tends to have a bready aroma and flavor, with little bitterness from hops. And while banana bread doesn’t actually have yeast in it, the breadiness of the beer pairs perfectly with it, offering a crisp and refreshing finish along the way.

Try Dru Bru Kölsch

Oreos + Breakfast Stout

If you’ve accidentally eaten a whole sleeve of Oreos while stuck at home, don’t worry, you’re not alone. But what if you took those perfect little chocolate sandwich cookies one step further and paired them with beer? Oreos offer notes of chocolate, a bit of crunch and a creamy center, and they happen to be even more delicious when paired with a stout. The chocolate flavor of the Oreos pairs well with the espresso notes found in a breakfast stout, while the smooth texture of an Oreo’s center cuts through the coffee’s potency.

Try Bale Breaker Brewing Co. Dormancy Breakfast Stout

Goldfish Crackers + Pilsner

Whether you grew up eating Goldfish Crackers by the handful as a child, or you’ve just discovered their snack-ability while stuck at home, you’ve probably realized they’re the ideal snack food while sitting at your new at-home desk. Paired with a medium-bodied pilsner, Goldfish are the perfect snack for those needing a little crunch balanced with a flavorful beer, without overpowering either component. The subtle cheddar flavor and tiny bit of saltiness on the crackers is the ideal way to complement a pilsner’s crisp, refreshing flavor.

Try Heater Allen Brewing Pils