Possessing all the elements of an enriching environment where berries can flourish, the Pacific Northwest’s abundance of native berries is just one more advantage that comes with living in the region. Whether you pluck the fruit from your own backyard or snack on a few while hiking through the scenic landscape, the native berries’ bold flavors will have you falling in love with the Northwest all over again. 

To experience the taste of the unmatched, wild flavors of local berries in a whole new way, try them in a refreshing cider. Each libation featuring one or more of native berries, these five cideries will have you toasting to the Upper Left’s indigenous flavors with their bold, berry-forward ciders. 

Huckleberry >> One Tree Hard Cider

Proving that hard cider doesn’t need to stop with apples, the Spokane-based cidery, One Tree Hard Cider, appeals to your sweet tooth with the Huckleberry Hard Cider. Juice from Washington apples and purée made from locally sourced wild huckleberries are blended to create this dessert cider. Taste the vivid, tart-yet-sweet berry flavors in each sip of this hometown hero.

Peach Berry >> Portland Cider

Portland Cider has blended the best of the Northwest into its Peach Berry cider. Bringing the bold flavors of Northwest-grown raspberries, blackberries and blueberries into the limelight, this Portland cidery provides symmetry to this fruit-forward cider by incorporating the mellow flavors of Oregon peaches into the mix as well. 

Hazy Strawberry >> Tieton Cider Works

Fall into a strawberry-induced fog with the Hazy Strawberry from the Yakima Valley’s Tieton Cider Works. The handpicked strawberries are sourced from Washington berry farmers before they’re fermented into a cloudy, ruby-colored dream, then left unfiltered for added body and flavor. Get your hands on this soon: the fruity summer beverage is available until it sells out in August.

Mandarin Juniper >> Bend Cider

The floral, zesty notes of juniper berries and mandarin oranges take center stage in Bend Cider’s Mandarin Juniper. With each sip of this cider’s unique punch of sparkling flavors, you’ll taste the tartness of the juniper berries, which grow abundantly in Oregon. Like a breath of crisp Northwest air, this refreshingly unique cider relishes in the delicate flavors of Cascadia. 

Black Currant Cider >> Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Farmedcrafted on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula is Finnriver Farm & Cidery’s violet-hued, sweet and sour Black Currant cider. Washington apples are blended with black currants and unrefined organic cane sugar, resulting in this cider’s lightly sparkled, balanced berry complexity. This suave cider is excellent on its own, but can also enhance a cocktail or salad vinaigrette nicely.