The best time for a margarita is when the sun is beating down, mid-summer, after all duties of the day are checked off the to-do list. Kicking back on a patio, beach, boat or in the comfort of your own living room is where this sip shines.

Although, arguably, the best margaritas come from anywhere south of the border —not to mention the list of Northwest makers is limited considering tequila cannot be produced outside of the state of Jalisco and requires a partnership with a Mexican distillery — the PNW does have ingredients which, side by side, would be hard to distinguish between when mixed and served ice-cold.

Blue Spirits Distilling located in Chelan, Washington, produces a tequila (in collaboration with a distillery in Jalisco, Mexico) with an intense lime flavor that gives a fresh zing, and requires no extra lime addition, unless for garnish. It’s smooth and gives a delightful, traditional flavor. When mixed and shaken with Seattle’s Demitri’s All-Natural Traditional Margarita Mix, complete relaxation will ensue. The heavy lime flavor of Demitri’s infused with the lime found in Blue Spirit’s tequila radiates a dangerously delicious taste and smell.

Salt the glass with Jacobsen Salt Co.’s labors, out of Portland, for a drink only one can dream about before finally being able to indulge. Small granule or flake-style salt leaves the right amount of oomph to balance out the sour.

For a less-limey cocktail, try another tequila which will make this summer’s margarita roster memorable — Papa Bueno’s tequila, true blue agave by way of a Seattle-based family ownership. Sun-ripened agave brings this handcrafted spirit to life, giving a smooth flavor both when mixed and standing alone.

It’d be hard to list all of the great Northwest tequilas which will make both you and your cup sing, but another one found to make Demitri’s margarita mix pop is Tequila Ocho’s Reposado, which reigns out of British Columbia. If you haven’t, be sure to add this to your grocery list for the next time that special occasion occurs, or if you want to enjoy a de-stressing stay’cation.

Supporting local companies is always great practice, especially when the benefits taste so sweet. They’re all delicious, and it’d be nice to know: Which take do you enjoy best?