When everyone — including actor Stanley Tucci — is now a social media cocktail professional, you really need to sip something that is both rewarding in its flavor and significance. As if the refreshing concoction of rum with watermelon and lime juices wasn’t enticing enough, this is a feel-good cocktail in every way: the Watermelon Punch recipe from Oregon’s new Sun Ranch Spirits supports service industry professionals affected by the global pandemic.

As the months-long effects of restaurant and bar shutdowns continue to impact the livelihood of so many in the service industry, Cascade Spirits has pledged to do their part to help lessen the blow. This summer, the Oregon-based distillery behind the fruit-infused spirit line Wild Roots, launched Sun Ranch Spirits.

With every purchase from Sun Ranch’s product line, a percentage of the sales go to the USBG National Charity Foundation, a charity committed to provide relief and advance the health and well-being of affected service professionals.

Chief Marketing Officer Ali Joseph says Sun Ranch not only embodies the spirit of hard work, but is dedicated to helping workers along the way. “We want the bartenders losing their livelihoods during this crisis to know that Sun Ranch has their back,” she says.

Sun Ranch’s product line-up also includes rum, gin, vodka and whiskey, all of which are available for purchase at liquor stores across Oregon. Raise a glass of Watermelon Punch to the bartenders we can’t wait to see back behind the counter, making a drink for us instead.

Watermelon Punch 

Makes 1 cocktail

1½ ounces Sun Ranch Rum
2½ ounces watermelon juice
½ ounce lime juice
Garnish: watermelon slice

Combine ingredients with a spoon over ice in a glass and garnish with watermelon slice.