One hundred years ago brewing your own beer in your garage could get you arrested, but the hobby has come a long way since then. Brew-you-own locations are now a popular facet of the Northwest craft beer scene. What could be better than heading to your local brewery, pouring up a pint, and brewing beer right along side the makers of your favorite stuff? It’s that easy with these five BYO spots, all of which offer step-by-step guidance and all the resources you need to concoct your own delicious brew.

Gallaghers’ Public Brewing House

This cozy establishment in Edmonds, Washington, offers a hands-on DIY brewing experience that is fun for all, experience aside. Gallaghers’ offers brewers a list of 50 beer recipes, and they even compare them to popular Northwest beers you may have tried to give you an idea of what your final product will taste like. If you’re looking for a place to take the whole family, try Gallaghers’ because they offer root beer as an option for the kids, so while you’re cooking up that delicious Dark Knight Porter the kids can brew their own batch of root beer.

The Station U-Brew

Located in Puyallup, Washington, The Station is a microbrewery and a brew-your-own space. The Station offers a guided brewing experience where people can bring their own recipes, chose one from the house, or opt for help designing a whole new recipe. The staff will take you through the entire brewing process which takes three and a half hours, and then help you set up a time two weeks later to come back to bottle your beer. The best part about brewing in a facility like this is you can use professional equipment without the need to invest in your own, and you don’t have to worry about the cleanup!

Portland U-Brew

If you’re looking for more of a classroom environment for brewing your own beer, consider Portland U-Brew for one of their weekend classes. Every Saturday and Sunday participants can take class taught by veteran brewers and learn to make beer from the pros. Portland U-Brew is highly focused on the education element of brewing so participants can easily take the skills they learn in the class and apply them at home. After class you can grab your own at-home kit from their full brewers supply shop, located in the same building as the taproom and brewing facility.

Immersion Brewing

This brewery is based in Bend, Oregon, one of the craft beer meccas of the world. It offers a BYO program that utilizes its gorgeous facility, top-shelf equipment and guidance and about 30 recipes to chose from. You can chose to brew a batch and come back in three weeks for bottling, or if you don’t have the patience, you can opt for their Brew It Forward program where you brew a batch of beer and exchange it for a batch brewed by a previous participant which is   already done fermenting and ready to go that day; you then leave your batch as part of the program for the next eager brewer.

Terminal City Brewing

Terminal City is the original brew-your-own location in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their list of recipes is extensive and each batch is 48 liters, that will net you roughly 135 bottles. This place is great if you want to just dip your toe in the process, or if you don’t want to spend several hours brewing a batch of beer. They make it easy for you by helping you pick out a recipe, which can also be tweaked to your preferences. They brew the beer for you and give you a date to come back to bottle it yourself–you can bring your own cleaned bottles or growlers or you can buy bottles at the brewery. And if beer doesn’t do it for you, you can make your own wine here too.