6 Presidential Drinks for President’s Day

by | Feb 11, 2020

President’s Day is better known to some as the reason why we get a three-day weekend in February. Originally created to pay tribute to George Washington, the holiday has since grown to also commemorate all of our nation’s past presidents. Love them, hate them, they’re figures in our nation’s history that have shaped what today looks like.

But in grand American tradition, let’s put politics aside and focus on the alcohol instead. Based on journalist Will-Weber’s book, “Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt,” which highlights every American president’s favorite drink, here are some “presidential” drinks that you can enjoy on your well-deserved day off.

George Washington

Old Schoolhouse Brewery Rendezvous Porter

Our first president actually made and sold whiskey near his Mount Vernon, Virginia, home but he didn’t care for the spirit himself, instead he preferred a nice dark porter according to Will-Weber. Old Schoolhouse Brewery is located just outside of Winthrop in Twisp, Washington. It was noted that Prez Washington liked to spike his porters with molasses to give them a sweet kick. With notes of coffee and bittersweet chocolate instead of molasses this beer is one we’d like to think Washington would approve of and hope you do too.

Thomas Jefferson

Airfield Wines 2016 Airfield Blend

Jefferson was known for fancying France and its culture which makes it no surprise that he was a big wine drinker. While our third president was keen on purchasing the most expensive and fine quality wines he could find, you don’t have to. Instead, try this Bordeaux-style red blend from Airfield Wines. It pairs well with steak or if you’re feeling a little more casual a cheeseburger will also do. 

Abraham Lincoln

Sheringham Distillery Lumette

Honest Abe was not a known drinker, Will-Weber suggests that he might even be the “driest” president we’ve had. But we all know that choosing not to participate in alcohol doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a great tasting drink. Now in 2020, there are a number of options from seltzer waters to non-alcoholic beers. In Vancouver, British Columbia, Sheringham Distillery came up with its own non-alcoholic gin, Lumette, that can be used to make a tasty gin and tonic free of any alcohol.

Harry Truman

Eastside Distilling Goose Hollow RSV Bourbon

According to Will-Weber, Truman liked his bourbon, so much so that he’s rumored to have had a shot of it as his morning routine. His preferred cocktail was an Old Fashioned which he wanted as strong as possible. Here’s a bourbon from Portland’s Burnside Distilling that we hope could live up to Truman’s standards — bottled at 92 proof and aged in Oregon oak barrels — and create a grand Old Fashioned to his liking.

John F. Kennedy

10 Barrel Brewing Co. Bloody Mary

This Harvard man and president of the United States liked his cocktails but his favorite was a Bloody Mary. Whether or not he’d be delighted to see the trend of canned cocktails taking off is up for debate, especially one from a brewery. But what’s not up for debate is that you can now literally have a Bloody Mary on hand wherever you go — it’s a dream come true. Now, Kennedy probably had only the best Bloody Marys made for him as the president of the United States but this canned one will have to do until you decide to throw your hat into politics.

Barack Obama 

Rogue Ales Honey Kolsch

President Obama was known to be one of the coolest guys to take office. He played basketball with his staff before election night in 2008 and he always killed it at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. And just like any of us, he appreciated a nice beer in his downtime. The White House created a special Honey Ale using honey from the White House garden for the president and, while they’ve released the recipe, it’s not available to the public. So instead, try a taste honey beer from Oregon’s Rogue that uses honey made on the estate farm. While it may not be made from the White House bees, it will surely hit the spot.

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