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5 Spiced Ciders for a Flavorful Fall

by | Nov 12, 2019

Spiced ciders have become easier and easier for cider lovers to get their hands on over the past few years. With the raising popularity of infused ciders, fun combinations of spices and herbs are a natural inclination for makers. This is the time of year when we’ll start to see the seasonal spice blends roll out in the cider world and there are plenty of them right here in the PNW.

Brownrigg Hard Cider Fall Spice

Like all of Brownrigg’s ciders, this one is an infused delight and draft-only offering. Made with house-made spice syrup, this cider packs a ton of flavor. If you happen to be in Seattle, stop by the industrial tasting room and try some of the creations — this cider and all the others surely won’t disappoint.

Schilling Hard Cider Chaider

A heavy cinnamon profile pops on this cider from the Seattle-area producer, made in collaboration with Dragonfly in Portland. It’s balanced out by the semisweet, apple-forward body which has a noticeable touch of brown sugar. Grab a six-pack as a perfect holiday party favor.

Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse Witch’s Broom

What is more suiting of autumn than this cider’s name? This would be the perfect cider to pair with Thanksgiving dinner, as the spices used in it are also the ones used in your favorite fall dishes. The first sip has a noticeable nutmeg and orange flavor with a lingering cinnamon aftertaste. At almost 10 percent ABV, this big and bold drink surprises as much as it satisfies.

Slake Cider Apple Spice

This all-new cider from Slake was released in October. This delicious and comforting fall cider will satisfy your fall flavors cravings with its semisweet body. The company doesn’t reveal its proprietary spice blend, but from the taste of it, it’s got all the flavors you’ll be looking for in a spiced cider. Grab some on draught at the McMinnville, Oregon, location, or pick it up in 500-milliliter bottles.

Meriwether Cider And Everything Nice

Everything about Meriwether ciders screams elegance. From the minimalist, yet tasteful packaging, to the cider itself, this family-run cidery knows how to make top-shelf products. And Everything Nice is no exception to that. This cider has notes of fall spice and pumpkin that will put you in the mood for autumn no matter the time of year.


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