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5 Beer Collabs to Watch Out For

by | Mar 3, 2020

When great minds work together only good things are produced. One of the best parts of the craft beer community is the community among the brewers leading to collaborations that leave us begging for more. Here are five beer collaborations — some brewery to brewery, others brewery to bar, resort and even newspaper — you can look for now.

Rooftop Brewing Company x Cedarbrook Lodge

For the last 13 months, Craig Christian from Seattle’s Rooftop Brewing has been plotting this beer collaboration with Cedarbrook Lodge and it was finally released last week. Drawing inspiration from Cedarbrook, Christian used Cedrela (Spanish Cedar) to age the Citra hops. The Cedarbrook Northwest Style IPA will be on tap at Cedarbrook Lodge’s restaurant and the Copperleaf Bar & Terrace. A limited quantity of cans will also be available at Rooftop Brewing’s tasting room.

Rhein Haus x Georgetown Brewing Co.

This limited-edition beer collaboration is a hop-forward Dortmunder-style beer with its name derived from the brewery that made it. The Rhein Town lager has flavors of blossom and light strawberry and will accompany one of beerhall Rhein Haus’ pretzels or a side of fries perfectly — that or you can just wash it down with another pint. You can find this beer on tap at Rhein Haus Seattle, Leavenworth or Tacoma and Georgetown Brewing’s taproom.

Headless Mumby Brewing Co. x Airways Brewing

In celebration of Airways Brewing’s 10th anniversary, fellow Washington brewery Headless Mumby Brewing in released Dittmar’s Dortmunder to help celebrate. An unusual “collaboration,” co-owners of Headless Mumby Brewing, Keith Ciani and Alex Maffeo, wanted to do something for their friend Alex Dittmar who is Airways Brewing’s owner and brewmaster. Because of Dittmar’s love of German-style lagers, they also brewed a Dortmunder-style brew that’s bright like a Helles and hoppy like a Pilsner.

Breakside Brewing x Fremont Brewing

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Portland’s Breakside Brewery plans to release two new beer collaborations — one with a brewery in the state and one out of state — every month. For February one of their collaborators was Seattle’s Fremont Brewing, releasing Teamwork/Dreamwork, a double coconut stout that will be available on draft and available in bottles.

Labrewatory x The Oregonian

Here’s a fun collaboration for any news junkies out there. The Oregonian‘s beer writer, Andre Meunier, undertook the task of learning how to make beer and share it with his readers. Working with Nick Herrera, the head brewer at Labrewatory in Portland, Meunier learned the ins and outs of the brewing process and helped make the #Fake Brews IPA, a Northwest-style IPA. The beer will be available at the Labrewatory taproom for the public.

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