Slated to open in July, Twin Sisters Brewing Co. is the newest brewery to join the ranks of the ever-expanding craft beer scene in Bellingham, Washington. And its family-friendly restaurant, Bellingham Beer Garden, will open right next door, making it easy to grab some grub to pair with your brew. To prepare for Twin Sisters’ emergence onto the Bellingham beer circuit, the brewery has released collaboration beers with three local breweries: Aslan Brewing Co., Chuckanut Brewery and Menace Brewing. We asked Brewmaster Tom Eastwood and Executive Chef Chad Bumford why they are excited to join the growing Bellingham Beer Community.

1) Is there any type of beer you are dying to make?

Eastwood: Brettanomyces-focused beers used both at 100 percent, and in mixed cultures. To elaborate on the Brettanomyces beers, I want to experiment with yeast strains, hop varieties and avoid one dimensional flavor profiles. The modern era of brewing isolates yeast strains and is focused on hop flavors, I want to challenge that by mixing yeast cultures and utilizing different hopping techniques.

2) What’s your favorite thing about the Bellingham beer community?
Eastwood: The youthful presence. The community here is very inspired and full of creativity and passion, plus there’s an amazing amount of support and helpful industry partners.

3) What are you most excited for during your opening month?
Eastwood: Finally brewing. Getting to use all the equipment I researched and designed, and experimenting with the brewing process and all our ingredients.

Bumford: I am looking forward to the first looks on our guests’ faces when they walk in the door, drink a beer and have a meal at our brewery for the first time.

4) You’re on a deserted island and can have only one beer or one food item and one album for the rest of your days — what are they?
Eastwood: Guinness Dark Stout! And “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd — by the way that’s not a bad name for a stout.

Bumford: Basil fried rice with chicken and vegetables topped with a peanut sauce. And for an album I would pick “Caustic Love” by Paolo Nutini, it has it all!